Long Range

The Riverside Swim Club Long Range Planning Committee has been working diligently to save our pool. You can help, too. 

The Long Range Planning Committee

The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) is a group comprised of volunteer RSC members who are concerned with the state of our current pool and the future of the Riverside Swim Club. The committee is evaluating cost effective options for retrofitting or rebuilding our club.

Following the presentation of a renovation proposal in July 2013 and the vote in August, the RSC Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) and Board are continuing to work toward a future for the Riverside Swim Club. While the initial renovation proposal presented did not pass, we did receive a 47% “Yes” vote to keep this village asset alive. With that in mind, we have taken feedback from the members and are continuing to work toward a renovation solution that works for the majority.  

Feedback on the renovation design of the pool facility was very positive.  As such, the proposed design will stand as the official recommendation for the long term plan for the pool.  To review the renovation design proposal, please see link provided below.

To help with funding a renovation, Membership and Fundraising Committees have been formed and their initiatives have been kicked-off this winter.  We understand that the costs of the renovation and the time-frame in which to pay were a concern for many members, and we hope that the new member drive and fundraising will relieve some of the financial burden on current members.  

The current LRPC volunteer members are:

Jamie Brand
Andy Daun
Erin Durkin
Mike Foley
Mollie Grant
Melissa Jurgens
Terry Keating
Ana Maria McCarthy
Amy Regan
Christine Schafer
Dorie Skiest
Tracy Sloan
Ann Marie Vietti
Becky Wood 

Additional information from the LRPC can be found in the documents listed. To download the files, double click on each of the items listed.