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You are submitting an application to join the Riverside Swim Club of Riverside, Illinois, an Illinois corporation.  If elected to membership, the applicant agrees to abide by the bylaws of the Club and all rules and regulations promulgated by the Board of Directors.  Upon notification of acceptance, the applicant also agrees to pay the one-time membership bond of $1,000 and the membership dues that correspond to the membership they are applying for ($705 for a Family Membership, $485 for a Senior Membership).

Annual dues, which are set prior to each Season by the Board of Directors, are payable on or before May 15th of the calendar year.  If dues are not paid by May 15th and the member has not provided a valid reason to the Board of Directors, the member will be considered in default and must re-apply for membership as a new member, pursuant to any waitlist that may exist at the time of re-application.  In the case of resignation, the member must provide a letter of resignation either by Email or mail to the Board of Directors.  The resigning member's bond will be paid out in accordance with the current bylaws of the Riverside Swim Club. 

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