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Safety First

It is a member's responsibility to review and understand our rules and regulations.

POOL RULES Revised 5/2019


General Management Rules:

  1. Management reserves the right to close particular attractions due to inclement weather or other circumstances.

  2. Management reserves the right to amend any said rules or implement additional rules to help facilitate a safe and friendly environment.

  3. Management can refuse entry or ask any member or guest to leave if management feels the person’s presence endangers the safe and friendly environment of the club.

 General Establishment Rules:

  1. Children who are not toilet trained or are under the age of 3 must wear “swim diapers” in all pools.  Rubber pants or regular diapers are not sufficient.

  2. Proper swimwear is required to swim in the pools.

  3. Cameras of any kind are prohibited from use in the locker rooms.

  4. No food or glass bottles on deck.

  5. No running, pushing, dunking, or any other forms of unruly behavior.

  6. Do not disrupt the lifeguards while guarding. Their primary role while on stand is to ensure swimmer safety. If you have a question, please speak to a lifeguard, supervisor or manager who is not on stand.

  7. Children ages 10 and older may swim without parental supervision before 6 pm. After 6 pm, all children younger than incoming freshman age must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older.

  8. Alcohol is permitted for adults of age, but must be consumed in plastic cups.  No glass containers are permitted.

  9. No beverages of any type allowed in pools.

Pool Rules:

  1. Children 14 years and under must be tested for a badge in order to swim in the main pool without adult supervision OR they must remain within arms reach of a parent or supervising adult (18+) at all times. Badge testing consists of swimming one length of the pool using proper freestyle technique, and treading water for one minute. Determination of proper technique is at the discretion of the staff. Badges cost $1 and must be worn at all times while in the big pool.

  2. If using a flotation device in the junior pool a parent or supervising adult must be in the pool within arms reach of the child. 

  3. No facemasks or swim fins are permitted in the open areas of the main pool. Swim fins are only permitted in the lap lanes.

  4. The designated lanes set aside for lap swim are to be used by lap swimmers only.

  5. No oversized inflatable toys will be allowed in the junior pool due to safety precautions.

  6. No flotation devices or inflatable toys allowed in main pool.

  7. Do not hang on or sit on the lane lines.

  8. Diving is only permitted off of the diving boards. All other areas of the pool are too shallow for diving.

  9. No lifeguard is on duty in the children’s splash/mushroom area. A parent or supervising adult (18+) must be present at all times with the child using the splash/mushroom area.

  10. Spitting, spouting water from the mouth or blowing of the nose in the pool is strictly forbidden.

Diving Board Rules:

  1. The one- and three- meter boards are for the use of swimmers that have earned a badge, or are 14 years of age or older.

  2. Lifejackets, goggles, and other floatation devices and/or toys are not permitted to be worn or used by a person going off of the boards.

  3. Only one person is allowed on a board at a time. Others must wait at the bottom of the ladder and/or stairs and wait for the person on the board to swim to the side of the pool before using the board.

  4. No double-bouncing and/or other erratic behavior will be permitted.

  5. Diving boards will be unavailable during free swim in the deep end of the main pool.

  6. Violation of the diving board safety rules may result in diving board privileges being revoked for the duration of the season.

  7. When using the low dive, you must swim to the left side of the deep well and exit up those stairs.  When using the high dive, you must swim to the right side and exit up those stairs.

  8. Do not hang on or go through the railings.

  9. No climbing on the deep well walls.

  10. If the water is turned on, stay away from the running water.

  11. No ball tossing is allowed on the boards.

  12. When jumping off, you must jump straight off the board, not sideways off the board.  

  13. No dives that require hands to touch diving board.


Guest Rules and Regulations:

  1. A member entitled to use the club must accompany all guests. Guests must comply with all RSC rules.

  2. Non-members will not be allowed to be a guest at the pool more than FOUR TIMES during any one season.

  3. Each family membership is entitled to buy up to twenty guest passes during registration at preseason prices. No refunds will be given. Guest passes are valid only during the year purchased.

  4. After opening day, individual guest passes will be sold to members only if conditions and number of people in the pool warrant the sale of guest passes. Members may purchase these passes at the pool for $8.00 per guest per day.

  5. Guests will be required to provide their name and address at the registration desk on each visit.  In and out privileges will be given on that day.

  6. Members must have a guest pass for every guest 3 years of age or older.

  7. A nanny or full time childcare provider can be added to a Family Membership at time of annual registration at no additional cost and may use the facilities during all hours of operation while accompanying member children.  In the event the identity of the nanny/child-care provider changes during the course of the season, the member family must notify the RSC Board of such change and provide the identity of the new nanny/child-care provider.  Hourly baby sitters are required to use a guest pass while accompanying member children.

  8. Special permits for house guests of a member must be arranged in advance with the RSC Board and will be issued at the following rates:

    1. $100 per week per guest family

    2. $150 per season per individual

    3. $30 per week per individual

  9. The front desk attendants must validate all guest passes before the guest enters the facility.

Membership Policy:
All registration materials will be made available to the membership on the RSC website or by mail if requested. The annual dues and any fees plus all completed registration materials must be received no later than May  15th of that same year or late fees will apply.  Failure to pay dues and any fees will result in denial of access to the facility.  If dues or fees are not received prior to June 1st of that same year, and if purchasers are available on the membership waiting list, the delinquent membership will be sold to the first family on the waiting list. The delinquent family will be refunded the balance of its membership deposit (original membership deposit minus processing fees and delinquent fees), and that same family may reapply for membership.

The Riverside Swim Club strives to provide a clean, safe, relaxing, enjoyable and fun environment for all pool members. Our members’ high level of kindness, generosity, understanding and courtesy add to our success.

Please Note:

These rules and regulations are subject to change without notice by the RSC Board of Directors. If you have any questions, please ask a lifeguard, supervisor, or manager to assist you.

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